Recipes: structured data

In our recipe database all information is stored as structured data. This has two advantages at once: With our recipes you are easier to find on Google and the step-by-step display of the recipes is made easier.


What is structured data?

With the help of structured data, search engines such as Google find their way around a website more easily. Why? Because certain content is displayed exactly as it is. An example of this is videos or simply: recipes.

Why is structured data important for Google?

Search engines like Google analyse the content of a website. With the help of structured data, search engines know quickly and precisely what a website is all about – the tedious evaluation of unstructured data sets is a thing of the past.

Structured data also plays an essential role in the generation of rich snippets. Rich Snippets include not only an excerpt of the corresponding recipe, but also additional and valuable information such as nutritional values and ratings in the Google search results.

What do you gain from structured data in relation to our recipes?

All recipes in our database are created as structured data, i.e. clearly identified as “recipe” and therefore easier to recognize for search engines.

A further advantage: In the structured data, quantity information, ingredients, nutritional values, preparation time and much more are also stored in a structured way for each recipe. Information that can be called up quickly and, thanks to XML, can be exported quickly and easily to kitchen appliances of all kinds.

Voice search and structured data

Imagine the following: You’ve picked out a recipe on your smartphone for a delicious vegetable stew. You have all the ingredients ready according to instructions and are busy cutting vegetables. You just want to see if you should heat up the oil in the pot, but your hands are wet – you can’t operate your smartphone like that!

These are exactly the occasions for voice assistants. Especially in the recipe and cooking area, cooking with the so-called voice assistants is not only very practical, but is also becoming increasingly popular. In order for a recipe to be found at all via voice query, structured data is also necessary. So with our recipes you will be future-proof in any case.

Structured recipes

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