Nutrition facts

Our recipes are provided with detailed nutritional information. In addition to the “Big 7”:


  •  caloric value (in kcal)
  •  protein
  •  fat
  •  saturated fatty acids
  •  carbohydrates (in bread units or carbohydrate units)
  •  sugar
  •  salt


An additional 134 nutritional values are stored in our recipe database. This covers information on:


  • monounsaturated fatty acids
  • polyunsaturated fatty acids
  • polyalcohols
  • starch
  • dietary fibre
  • vitamins and minerals


Select a recipe and get an overview of the listed nutritional values.

Have you become curious?

Federal Food Database

In order to provide a reliable and unambiguous nutritional value calculation, we have integrated the Federal Food Database (BLS) into our recipe database. BLS is Germany’s national nutrient database and is considered to be the standard tool for the evaluation of nutrients. The BLS contains nutrient values for about 15,000 foodstuffs. These data records are continuously checked and updated. This is a clear advantage for our recipe database, as we work with universally accepted data.