Cooking videos

Are you looking for visual support for your cooking content? Videos have become an integral part of online marketing and are therefore indispensable in many cases.

On request, we can create custom-tailored videos, that invite viewers to cook delicious dishes by trying out recipes for themselves.



Step by step


Video instructions, which guide the user step by step through the recipe, make it easier not only for beginners but also for advanced chefs to prepare their new favourite recipe.

Supplemented with clever kitchen hacks, videos offer the opportunity to provide the viewer with valuable tips and the latest trends in a simple and understandable way.

Tasty style


Videos with a topshot (filming from above), tasty (short videos with focus on the hands that prepare the food) or how-to-prepare (explanatory videos) camera perspective provide the opportunity to convey information vividly. In addition, cooking videos make it easier for the user to get a better impression of the cooking process and show how delicious the prepared dish will look at the end.

The length of the cooking videos will be optimised to fit your desired format – whether for Facebook, YouTube, Instagram or other social media channels.


Get an overview of our videos here.