The Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things describes a network of internet connected devices able to collect and exchange data. Not only is the idea of a holistic household connection gaining popularity by the minute but the whole field of the Internet of Things is advancing fast and becoming more important every day for manufacturers and users worldwide.

IoT and the kitchen of tomorrow


This trend is beginning to take over our kitchens. More and more kitchen appliances are equipped with some kind of smart technology: The refrigerator that sends a message to your phone when the milk is nearly empty. The food processor that has recipes already integrated in its memory and guides you through your cooking process via display. The possibilities are nearly endless…

We are one of the first and most experienced content-providers for smart kitchen appliances. Let us start shaping the kitchen of tomorrow today!


Smart cooking: Recipes for modern kitchen appliances


We can provide your smart kitchen appliance with high-quality recipes! Next to the adaption of functions and steps to your device’s requirements, the integration of the recipes works fast and easy – thanks to our XML export function.


We are experts in our field: it does not matter if you have a fully automated oven or a food processor – with decades of experience in creating great recipes and the technical know-how to adapt those recipes to your device, we are the content solution to go to!


Smart appliances: Technologically advanced devices


Your product is technologically advanced? No worries! Our recipes can be integrated even into the most complex kitchen appliances: the oven with cooking, baking and steaming function. The food processor with some kind of guided cooking software.


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