Export options

Of course, you can use the recipes for various purposes, therefore we provide you with a selection of export options.

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Export options

Recipes have been used in many other types of media for years in addition to the classic “cookbook” version. So that we can guarantee you the greatest possible flexibility for different media channels. You will receive recipes in the following formats:


1. Export as XML


XML is a popular and widely used data exchange format. The advantage of XML is mainly based on the fact that there are numerous standards based on XML that can be combined with this format.


2. Export as a ePub


ePub is considered to be an open standard for eBooks and is particularly suitable for digital cookbooks. Therefore we can put together a selection of recipes, based of course on your ideas, and immediately produce them as an eBook.

3. Export as Rich Text Format (RTF)


The recipes can also be exported as RTF if, for example, they are to be sent for proofreading or translation and images are not required.


4. Export as PDF


If you would like a recipe booklet as a product insert, for example for your kitchen appliance, we can send you your recipe selection as a PDF for checking so that you can get an idea of the possible page plan.


5. Export for apps


We also offer a suitable export for equipping a cooking app.